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An illuminating New Year with Illumina Color looks by Wella Professionals

Discover Illumina Color, a permanent colour that mimics natural hair tones for 100% natural looking colour

Illumina Color has a brand new look, but is the same formula that is loved worldwide. This innovative permanent colour lightens, darkens and enhances hair colour for a sheer, natural looking result, all with up to 100% grey coverage and an ultra-natural result.  

New Shades

A compact shade Palette to lighten, darken & enhance natural hair colour giving it a multi dimensional natural looking result. Introducing warm shimmers: 2 blonde and 2 brunette shades!
Illumina Color's new shade 9/37 by Wella Professionals
Blonde Glow Very light blonde gold brown
Illumina Color's new shade 7/75 by Wella Professionals
Brunette Shimmer Medium blonde brown Mahogany
Illumina Color's new shade 8/36 by Wella Professionals
Luminescent Clay Light blonde gold violet
Illumina Color's new shade 7/42 by Wella Professionals
Copper Blush Medium blonde red matte

Illumina Looks

3 Iconic “sets” of Illumina looks: Illumina Nude, Illumina Glow and Illumina Blush, by Romeu Felipe and Cenk Yesil.
Glamorous hair look results of Illumina's natural hair color.

Illumina Nude Brunette by Romeu Felipe

Harmoniously complements natural colour with highs and lows. Multi-dimensional colour with pockets of illuminated reflections for a natural-looking multi-tonal blend. Without the need of pre-lightening on natural hair.
Illumina Look Nude - Step One: Base Color
Step One: Base Colour Illumina Color 30g 6/19 + 60g 1.9% Add depth to the first 6cm from the roots. This creates a deeper natural-looking root area with a darker cool shade.
Illumina nude - Step Two: Lightening with Illumina Color
Step Two: Lightening with Illumina Color 15g 7/81 + 15g 8/69 + 30g 9% Take slight diagonal crescents from the back to allow the end result to fall in a natural direction. Apply the lighter shade to the lengths and ends. Move into horizontal crescents in the parting, leaving out 2cm either side of the parting to create a veil. At the front work horizontally 2 sections back with a larger weave to frame the face.
Illumina nude - Step 3: Base Color
Step Three: Base Colour Illumina Color 30g 6/19 + 60g 1.9% Colour the surrounding hair with the same darker cool shade to create a multi-dimensional colour result. Tip: For soft contrast keep lighter shade 2 levels lighter than the darker shade.
Glamorous curl hair model showcasing her breathtaking results of Illumina's vibrant and sophisticated hair color.

Illumina Glow Brunette by Romeu Felipe

Reflections of light, for a lit from within look to brighten features. Carefully placed lightness for ultimate illumination and distinct colour placement and face frame in a seamless transition.
illumina Glow - Step One: Root shadow
Step One: Root shadow Illumina Color 15g 5/81 + 15g 7/7 + 30g 4% Apply the root colour, to the first 3cm of the hair.
Illumina Glow - Step Two: Lightening with Illumina Color
Step Two: Lightening with Illumina Color 15g 10/93 + 15g 10/69 + 30g 9% Take a zig-zag around the hairline and lighten each of the triangles surrounding the face. Continue with zig-zag sectioning around the head. Complete 3 rows, leaving hair in between each of the rows.
Illumina Glow - Step Three: Lengths and ends
Step Three: Lengths and ends Illumina Color 30g 8/36 + 30g 6% To the remaining hair in-between the highlighting papers apply the medium coloured with to create a soft lightness throughout. Tip: If lengths and ends have been previously coloured with a darker shade, use Blondor to lighten, and tone using Illumina Color.
Glamorous Blush Cooper style result of Illumina's vibrant and sophisticated hair color.

Illumina Blush Cooper by Cenk Yesil

A hint of colour, to subtly enhance natural beauty. Tones are brushed to create details and layers of colour for a flawless finish.
Illumina Blush - Step One: Lightening
Step One: Lightening Blondor 30g BlondorPlex + 45g 1.9% Alternate weaves and slices at the front for a brighter glow around the face. Tip: If your client has a fringe add the brightness at the ends of the fringe to harmonise with the lengths around the face.
Illumina Blush - Step Two: Lowlights & reflections
Step Two: Lowlights & reflections Illumina Color Lowlights: 20g 7/42 + 10g 9/43 + 30g 4% Reflections: 20g 9/73 + 10g 9/43 + 30g 4% Alternate the two formulas for the lengths in large sections to enhance the multi-dimensional colour. Allow to develop for up to 20-30 min. Shampoo and Condition.
Illumina Blush - Step Three: Root shadow & blonde toning
Step Three: Root shadow & blonde toning Illumina Color Root shadow: 15g 7/ + 15g 7/42 + 30g 4% Blonde toning: 30g 9/43 + 60g 1.9% Add the root shadow and create a seamless blend and increased dimension to the lengths and ends, incorporating the face frame for a layered toning effect. Tip: Using a low develop strength gives control during lightening.

New Technology

Illumina Color microtones with +20% more variety of dyes to mimic natural hair tones integrated metal purifier to help prevent hair damage caused by metals.
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Elevate your salon by recreating the Illumina Looks

Begin 2024 by elevating your salon experience with sheer natural looking colour for your clients.


Refresh with BlondorPlex, a lightener with no compromise on lift.
Illumina Color: Permanent color with 47 intermixable shades to please every client

Illumina Color

Permanent colour with 47 intermixable shades to please every client
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Color Motion

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