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Creating the perfect pre-wedding hair colour can be daunting for you and your clients.
 Make every appointment a dream with our expert tips.


This is much easier if you are working with an existing client. Start with a pre-appointment consultation 1-3 weeks before the wedding where you can look at inspiration. We recommend asking the bride to bring visual inspiration like a Pinterest board that you can talk through to create the perfect look.


To ensure their hair looks perfect from every angle on the big day, focus on the condition of their locks. If you’re lightening the bride's hair, we recommend using BlondorPlex with Plex Technology for up to 97% less hair breakage*. *when using Wellaplex Nº2 with Blondorplex, versus Blondorplex alone. We also recommend using a  SHINEFINITY glaze, which is similar to a top coat on nails and gives hair “shine you can feel”. Simply follow the next five easy steps to apply.


01. Prep your Client’s Hair

A Shinefinity glaze can be applied to dry hair, pre-shampoo.

02. Mix their Glaze Formula

Reach for your client’s chosen shade (or shades) of the Shinefinity Zero Lift Glaze gel crème and mix it 1:1 with the Bottle Activator or Brush & Bowl Activator. For a subtler finish, add 00/00 to the target shade to dilute the hue.

03. Apply the Glaze

Choose a technique that works for you and your client. You can apply the glaze from root to tip, sweep it on in balayage strokes, or go for highlighted ribbons. Don’t be afraid to get creative. You could even mix up and apply a root shadow for added depth.

04. Allow it to Develop

Leave your client’s Shinefinity glaze to develop for up to 20 minutes (less for a softer result). If you want to intensify the shade, apply heat with a Climazon. This is a good trick for enhancing reds or blending away the first signs of grey.

05. Wash Hair and Glow

Once your client’s glaze has developed, rinse their hair with shampoo, we recommend ColorMotion+. Because Shinefinity has balanced pH technology, you don’t need to use a post-colour treatment to neutralize locks. You can simply finish with your favourite conditioner if the hair needs it, then dry the hair and style it as desired.


From brides to bridesmaids and VIP guests, everyone wants perfect hair on the big day.
 Loved by brides everywhere, a classic low bun at the nape of the neck is elegant, timeless and sophisticated. Discover our favourite way to create this sleek and long-lasting hair style. 1. Section out the hair in front of the ears and clip to one side. 2. Tie up the remaining hair in a long ponytail. 3. Use hair spray on the ponytail to create texture and additional volume. 4. Twist the ponytail section and gently wrap it into a bun shape. Use pins to secure the bun. 5. Twist the side sections to create additional texture. Depending on the length either pin it into the bun or wrap it around. 6. Optional: Decorate the top of the bun with florals to match the bouquet. PRODUCT TIP: EIMI Mistify Me Strong is your go-to partner with updo's. This fast-drying hairspray with extra-fine diffusion gives instant hold. Finish with EIMI Glam Mist for a final touch of shine
THE BOHO UPDO Ideal for boho brides, for this style, base work is essential and we recommend creating texture on hair by curling before styling.
Then follow similar steps to above. The key is to carefully layer each lock over each other to create a unique pattern. PRODUCT TIP: Use EIMI DRY ME dry shampoo after curling the hair to create volume and manageable matte texture.

Looking for something different? Try these styles for fresh wedding hair:

ROMANTIC WAVES A wavy half-updo is a classic romantic look for guests, brides, and flower girls alike.
Product Tip: Use EIMI Thermal Image to protect hair from heat and smooth locks for a flawless shiny finish.
THE MODERN WAVE You can’t go wrong with a classic wave, add accessories for a modern touch.
PRODUCT TIP: Waves that last all day start from the base, so start by adding EIMI Natural Volume styling mousse before blow-drying the hair. After curling the hair, use a flexible hairspray like EIMI Dynamic for a flexible but lasting finish.


Don’t forget, healthy hair is the perfect base for any hair style. Shiny, well-nourished locks don’t happen overnight, we recommend your clients start a haircare regime at least three months before the big day. They’ll shine through their bridal shower, bachelorette, rehearsal dinner and more.
We recommend your bride use a hair mask once a week. Start with the new Ultimate Repair Mask, and recommend the Miracle Hair Rescue Leave-in treatment for deep inside-out repair.
How about hosting a "pamper & style hair" event for the bride to be and her bridesmaids? This is the perfect way to practice their at-home hair care routine or preview the upcoming wedding style. If the bride is looking for a gift with a difference. Why not create a bridesmaid gift bag travel size with Ultimate Repair shampoo, Ultimate Repair mask and 30ml Miracle Hair Rescue.

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