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How to define hair loss?
Hair loss is not solely related to age or genetics and can be triggered by a range of lifestyle factors or moments in life. Regardless of why your clients hair may be thinning, Nioxin is here to support with over 35 years of experience and Trichologist-backed products.
Anti-Hairloss Serum with Sandalore stimulates the hair follicle to reduce shedding and improve fullness, reducing hair loss in just 6 weeks. Pair this with Nioxin’s Hair Booster to enhance the protection of targeted areas such as partings.
Hormonal changes in the menopause can often lead to a reduction in hair density and lustre.
Diaboost is a daily use treatment which includes niacinamide, caffeine and panthenol to instantly plump each hair and add lustre. It also helps improve hair anchorage in the long term to reduce hair fall.
How we feel and what we eat can directly impact our hair. From crash diets to free-from diets, our hair needs vital nutrients to be thick and healthy.
Nioxin’s Recharging Supplements include biotin, zinc and iron to support hair growth. Use alongside Night Density Rescue, formulated with antioxidants to boost hair density.
Sometimes hair loss is simply in our DNA. 70% of men will experience hair thinning or loss during their lifetime, so taking early action is essential.
Nioxin System Kits provide the perfect foundation to support hair growth and anchorage. Follow with Anti-Hairloss Serum to help reduce shedding and give a thicker appearance.