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Koleston Perfect Lights
Upgrade the 2 most demanded services in salon: Root tint & Highlights with 2 new techniques: Mirror lights and Shadow lights, co-created with Ambassadors from around the world to ensure your key clients’ needs: healthy looking results even on the longest hair and softer regrow out.
Mirrorlights Almond blonde
created by Patricia Nikole
Colour formulas
Root front: 15g 7/07, + 15g 6%
Roots background: 40g 8/07 + 40g 6%
Blonde toning: 20g 10/16 + 40g 1.9%
Painted lights: 20g BlondorPlex + 40g 6%
Top tip!
For an interlocking effect between the base colours use a waved line to separate.
Application steps
• Apply the lighter root colour for your front section and the deeper one in the background.
• Use horizontal sections for your painting. Tease the hair gently to create separation between the root colour and the ends.
• Tone the hair at the basin to unify the colours through the ends. Develop up to 15 min.

​​​​​​​Shadowlights Maple brunette
created by Patricia Nikole
Colour formulas
Accent shade: 10g 7/77 + 10g 6/97 + 20g 6%
Painted lights: 20g BlondorPlex + 40g 6%
Toner: 30g 8/38 + 60g 1.9%
Top tip!
Shade as an accent shade will contrast the caramel tones beautifully.
Application steps
• Taking horizontal section to paint textured hair will give visible dimension.
• Using finer slices for the accent shades will create the right contrast on textured hair.
• Tone the hair at the basin to create the perfect caramel hue.

​​​​​​​Shadowlights Cinnamon red
created by Joana Portal
Colour formulas
Root: 60g 6/74 + 60g 6%
Base: 20g 88/43 + 20g 77/43
+ 20g 6/34, +60g 6%
Accent shade: 10g 55/65 +10g 6%
Top tip!
Use a micro weave as the accent shades is highly contrasting
Application steps
• Apply the deeper root, stretch it out to create a deeper effect.
• Weave in micro lights underneath the recession area. Using slight diagonal sections will create definition without stripes.
• Apply the base colour and blend it thoroughly in to the root colour.

​​​​​​​Shadowlights Apricot blonde
created by Marco Firriolo
Colour formulas
Roots: 60g 7/03 + 60g 6%
Accent shade: 20g 8/38 + 20g 6%
Lights: 40g Freelights + 60g
6% Freelights developer
Toner: 30g 9/04 + 60g 1.9%
Top tip!
Use ColorMotion+ pre treatment spray before the toner to create a good canvas.
Application steps
• Start by applying your root colour to your underneath section.
• A) Use bigger weaves for the lighter sections.
• B) In between every fourth sections use your accent shade through
the mid-lengths and ends.
• Once rinsed and removed, use the apricot toner focusing on the lighter areas.
Shadowlights Vanilla blonde
created by Stefan Scholz
Colour formulas
Base lights: a) 20g 12/1 + 40g 12%
b) 20g BlondorPlex + 40g 4%
Accent shade: 10g 9/04 + 10g 9/31 + 20g 4%
Targeted Glossing over lights: 10g 10/8 + 10g 1.9% + 10g Invigo post colour treatment
Top tip!
Tease the sections which are pre-lightened to ensure a soft transition to the natural colour.
Application steps
• Vary the size of your weaves and micro lights on a diagonal angle for your lights.
• Every fourth weave will be your accent shade under the recession area.
• Once developed rinsed and removed use selective glossing focusing only on the
lighter areas. It will further enhance the dimensions of your accent shade.