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For more than 150 years, the Hair and Beauty Charity has helped those in our industry who have fallen on hard times. Typically, their beneficiaries are suffering from illnesses, have mental health issues, fleeing domestic violence or are without sufficient income to meet basic needs.

Wella Professionals is proud to have partnered with the Hair & Beauty Charity for a number of years, offering financial support, fund raising as well as raising awareness for the challenges and issues experienced by those in our industry.

Learn more about the charity’s new initiative…

The Hair & Beauty Charity has launched a new Charity Supporter campaign for those in hair and beauty to provide a minimum £20.00 monthly donation, doing their bit to give back to the industry and those who have fallen on the hardest times.

Since 2019 the Charity has seen a huge increase in applications from our industry. A significant rise in domestic violence and the cost-of-living crisis means that more people need the help of the charity than ever before. There is also growth in the number of requests coming from men – one of whom is a single parent and said that the Charity help had meant he was able to take his son to McDonald’s as a treat for the first time in three years, this being the only treat they had been able to afford in that time.

Charity President Jayne Lewis-Orr says:

“In 2019 the main reason that people applied for help was because they were unable to work due to illness. In 2022 this is still a major factor, but we are also seeing an influx of people struggling with everyday living costs and the ongoing impact of the pandemic. Before 2019 our applicants tended to be older, but we have seen a huge increase from those in the 31–40 year old age bracket who need our help, and the rise in mental health related illness is staggering. As well as asking salons and industry professionals to sign up to our monthly Supporter Campaign, we are also asking the larger companies who operate in the hair & beauty industry, to give back by providing a regular donation.”

The monthly amount raised will go towards providing school uniforms for children in financially struggling families; cots, beds & bedding, carpets, fridges, freezers and washing machines for many more families – everyday basics that change lives.

Pledging has never been easier, simply visit hairandbeautycharity.org/support to sign up in three easy clicks. Mobile users can now use Apple Pay or Google Pay. There’s an also an option to pledge more if you wish and Supporters will each receive a Welcome Pack.